Mass Murder


In 2020, Sara released a short story, along with poetry, in a book titled Mass Murder.

In Mass Murder, the reader is taken through not only the story of a Vassal in battle, but through poems, they are shown the mind of the Vassal.  

The battle takes place in a time of the birth of technology, the crumbling of the feudal system, and the splitting of two sides. It is a time that blends the past and the present, showing how history can sometimes never change. The Vassal is a fighter, and when he loses the Lord that watched over him, his own fight begins. It’s a fight that will crawl into your soul and have you question where you place yourself and which truth you decide to follow. 

The mind of the Vassal is a perfect map into the confusion the Vassal is trying to figure out, and how the world he was brought into can so easily tear him down. It’s the twists and the turns of his personal experiences that go hand in hand with our time. 

Mass murder is an intense exploration of why things are the way they are. It hands over the pieces to the downfall of our society, and only you can complete the puzzle.


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