1. Nuclear Worms


I wanna get locked away
I wanna get locked away
In the comfort of comforters and the crease streets of sheets
I wanna get locked away

There’s vines of coal going up the pole to my window
And instead of my prince climbing to save my soul, there’s nuclear worms coming up with their germs and i can feel the burns, chiseled in my bones, you best better know the conditions and terms

And you laugh at the sidewalk cracks and knocking on walls, but my muscles tighten, be careful and make the right call, or you’ll fall, collapse, bite the carpet, forget to water the garden, harvest, until your comforters aren't comforting anymore and the only streets in your sheets that you wanna see, are the ones you’re standing in the middle of.

And set my soul on fire, take me higher, please, I want a kiss like the breeze, wake up at ease, give my hand a squeeze. You can’t let me be. I will lay here, my flesh and my bones a puddle, the weight isn’t very subtle, I will pull out my muscles, my teeth, i will die with loneliness underneath, forget the days, forget how to pray, forget I wanna be locked away

I wanna get locked away

And my mind is quite literally a gun, you pull the trigger and my guts spill over the sun
I burn, I throb, get away, my stomach is the fuse and my throat is the bomb
Bomb, bomb
I shake, my leaves fall down, but I just lay here until the day comes around
And everything’s a cartoon, you fly to the moon and eat cake while you hold your balloon
You move one leg after another, your edges are black, I feel like I bought a game and I’m living in it, but I wanna return it back
Cause it’s wall to wall, there’s four corners, and you can only go backward and forward
How the hell do I go onward when the plot is torture?
Cause if the worms make their way under my covers and up my leg, how do I shoot?
The bomb will blow, my sun will shatter, my fingers burned, and there’ll be nowhere to go